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The Courageous Scientists Podcast is a short-term passion project by Kate Clancy, anthropology professor, trouble-maker, and host of Period Podcast. Hear interviews with inspiring scientists who stand in their values, serve as role models, and do hard things. Remember that while some of us can do work right now, others of us are having to put it down or change direction for a time, or focus on the care of others. This is all good and important work. Music selection by Janice Collins (Ambient Technology by Alexei Anisimov), and header and icon by Carrie Templeton.

May 22, 2020

I am so pleased to share with you this week's CSP interview. Dr. Max Liboiron is an Assistant Professor of Geography at Memorial University of Newfoundland, Associate Vice President of Indigenous Research, and the Director of CLEAR, the Civic Laboratory for Environmental Action Research. Please learn more about Dr. Liboiron and her team at .